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Foundation settlement in a home

When buying a new home, having a home built, or moving into a home that is only a couple of years old, foundation settlement is a common problem and one that can worry homeowners. Under every house is a foundation that is designed to support the weight of the construction. Foundation settlement occurs when the underlying soil shifts or compacts as a result of construction on previously disturbed soil, on backfills, changes in soil conditions, and moisture. While this movement doesn’t typically have a significant effect...
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Build a wood-fired pizza oven

Instead of focussing your attention on building a firepit, rather spend more effort into building a pizza oven that not only warms up your outdoor space and adds atmosphere, but can also be used for cooking a variety of meals, including pizza! Winter is the perfect time to build a pizza oven - when it's not too hot and the clay can dry slowly. I have been dreaming about building my own oven for ages now. I started talking about how much I would love...
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Basic bricklaying skills

With DIY on the increase, more and more homeowners are looking to acquire basic skills for quick and easy DIY projects, advanced projects such as making furniture, home repair and maintenance, and home improvement projects. One skill set that saves you thousands of rands is learning a few basic bricklaying skills. Bricklaying is one of those home improvement projects that many put off because of lack of knowledge. But acquiring a few basic bricklaying skills will allow you to take on a small project in...
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