About Us

About us – Jaco and Mariehette Le Roux took a leap of faith and in February 2009 purchased African Brick Centre from its previous owners. The new owners opted to manage the business themselves and employed new personnel to assist with the day to day activities of the business which they began operating in March 2009. As the business flourished, their original staff of just 10 soon doubled to 20 skilled staff members.

Presently African Brick Centre owns two forklifts utilized to transport stock as well as load delivery vehicles. Additionally, we own a front end loader used to load sand, stone and gravel onto our six cube tipper. We also own two trucks which, through our transport company Jaco Le Roux Transport, are able to deliver 12000 bricks at one time to clients in Bloemfontein and surrounding areas, the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and North West.

We ensure that our products are manufactured according to the SABS standards and conduct monthly pressure tests to determine the compression strength of the bricks. In this way we ensure we offer only the best quality to our clients who purchase for small building projects or large construction assignments.

As African Brick Centre we pride ourselves in our ability to not only offer the best quality products to our clients but the most competitive rates as well.

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